LITTLE STEPS REFLEXOLOGY Mobile Reflexology in Central and South East London

What can I expect from a Reflexology session?

The first session starts with a consultation where we will discuss your medical history, your reasons for Reflexology, and some diet and lifestyle questions. The treatment itself will be focused on your feet, so you will just have to remove your socks or tights. For mobile treatments you can sit on a sofa with your feet up or lie down on a sofa or bed. For clinic treatments you will usually sit on a special reflexology chair called a lafuma or lie on a massage table. During the treatment the reflexologist will apply pressure to different points of your feet one at a time. At the end of the session the reflexologist will discuss what she found.

How will I feel during a reflexology session?

A reflexology session is usually very relaxing – many clients fall asleep during a treatment

How will I feel after a reflexology session?

Reflexology can affect people differently - Most people tend to feel relaxed and sleepy after a reflexology session. Other people may feel energised or emotional. As with other complementary therapies it may be that your condition gets worse before it gets better - This is very normal and part of the body’s healing process. Always discuss any concerns you have with your Reflexologist.

How many treatments will I need? How often?

You can discuss a treatment plan together with your reflexologist – each plan will be tailored to each individual depending on reasons for reflexology, availability, affordability and ultimately what they want to get out of the reflexology.

As a rough guide :

For chronic/long term conditions the key is regularity, once every month or every 2 weeks
For acute conditions could be daily or every few days for that period of time

Less than once a month can work for some people if they just feel a bit imbalanced or stressed
Once off treatments are really enjoyable as well!

Can reflexology tell me whats wrong with me?

Reflexology is not used to diagnose conditions – you should always seek medical advise and see your GP or a specialist to get a diagnosis

I don’t like my feet touched! Do I have any other options?

Reflexology is predominantly performed on the feet – if there is a reason you cant/wont hand reflexology is also an option – please contact me

I have a foot condition can I have reflexology?

It depends – most conditions we can work around but please let me know in advance and we can discuss if any potential issues

Are there any conditions that reflexology cant help?

There are some conditions where reflexology is not appropriate - please contact me and we can discuss

What is your cancellation policy

I require 24 hrs notice cancellation - if you give less than 24hrs notice you will be charged for the session

Are you insured?

Yes I am fully insured and I am a full member of the Association of Reflexologists

What products do you use?

I only use organic, vegan products in my reflexology treatments

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